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Beginners guide to printer types and its functions.

The best and the easiest way to find your ideal printer is to know what you would like to print and the specific features you may need for work!

In today’s blog, we would like to discuss different printer types and how each of them can help in your day to day office tasks.

Every printer or any other office machine type is designed and manufactured for a certain purpose. If you choose the right device for your needs, you can enjoy using it to its full extent for a long time, without worrying about expensive repairs.

If you aren’t sure about what capacity of a printer or photocopier you require, please contact Printer Repair Sydney. We would love to help you make the right decision.

It’s important to make sure you don’t under/overuse your machine. One of the recent researches we studied, shows that some printers are more efficient among others for particular types of projects.



1. The LED and monochrome laser printers are the most suitable for printing plain text, documents, spreadsheets and graphics. They also seem to be the best choice for business owners who use their machines only for basic tasks and don’t want to spend too much money.

The LED and monochrome laser printers are well known for its low purchase price and maintenance cost. In addition, they seem to work a lot faster than any other type.

The LED and monochrome laser printers

2. The inkjet printer is a traditional multipurpose printing device. It’s suitable for all types of printing. However, ink and consumables are more expensive than for other types of machines.

The inkjet printer also fantastic when it comes to photo printing and its economic size is just another highlight.

The inkjet printer

3. Plotter printers are one of the latest and most innovative types of printers on the market. They can read commands sent from your computer to print images on paper. Not every office needs it, however, if you are an architect or interior designer, this might be a perfect option for you.

Plotter printers are constructed in a more sophisticated way than other machines, because of their ability to print continuous lines such as those from vector graphics.

4. Wide format printers are designed for large-scale printing from 18 to 100 inches in width. If this is the type of machine specific for your business needs, make sure you look a grand of super wide format.

There are many other advanced printers available on Sydney market for printing specific materials. These printers include technical printers, printers for blueprints, and solid ink printers.

If your purpose is to print just black and white documents in not higher capacity than a couple of hundred pages per day, then the mono laser printer is the best choice for you. The device and consumables are the cheapest among all. Also, if you would like just to print, scan and copy, the all-in-one printer is the perfect option. It has a complete built-in mechanism, in which you can copy and print a document or scan and save a document. It can make your day to day office operation so much easier. In Addition, it gives you more space and better value for money since you no longer have to buy several machines.


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