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Sydney Experts in Fax Machine Repair

Nothing can be more troublesome than a faulty fax machine. When it comes to speed and reliability, fax machines can transmit files instantly without the risks of damages or loss. Superior Office Machines will always offer the best approach and plan of action for your faxing situation.

Sydney Experts in Fax Machine Repair

Why Choose Us

Superior Office Machines provide prompt and reliable fax machine repairs in Sydney. With over 15 years of experience in the supply and maintenance of office equipment, you can rely on us to get your office running smoothly again. We provide excellent repair service at fair pricing for fax machines.

We also offer fast on-site response to all Sydney metropolitan areas and most regional areas.

No problem is too big for us

Fax machines like any other electronic device require regular maintenance. The overuse of a fax machine can also lead to malfunctions. Issues like fax not working or fax rejection can affect your business, especially when you are expecting an important mailing.

Superior Office Machines specialise in OKI printer service Sydney and Fax machine repairs. Whether it is running out of toner cartridges or problems with your fax adapters, no problem is too big or too small. Cost effectiveness is always our top priority when it comes to repairing your fax machines.

Although you can troubleshoot it yourself, repairs are also helpful. Not to mention it can be done quickly and safely to get your fax machine running smoothly again.

Fax machine not sending and receiving faxes
This is the most common issue when it comes to sending and/or receiving faxes. You can check the telephone cord to make sure it is connected properly and also check for a dial tone. Be sure to make the proper connections with your telephone line or mod using the precise fax ports. If the troubles are still unresolved, feel free to call us, our team of technicians are happy to help.

Image quality problem
Quality of the images printed may be too dark or light, this can be fixed by changing the density setting of your fax machine. If it’s marred with spots of ink, the toner or ink may have leaked. This can be resolved by making sure the ink cartridge works properly. If not, replace it.

New for old replacement

Fax machines can stop working due to many problems including overusage, toner and ink problems, etc. Before making any decision on whether you should replace it, it is best for experts to take a look at your fax machine.

Superior Office Machines provide affordable and efficient Fax Machine Repair Services for all major fax machines, including Canon, HP, Xerox, etc.

We also provide a range of new for old fax machine replacements with affordable prices. Feel free to reach us for any other printing-related service.

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