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Troubleshooting your Printer and Photocopier

Troubleshooting your printer is the best way to fix some issues you may be experiencing. Apart from turning it off and on, here are 4 quick ways you can troubleshoot your printer for common problems.

Bad Print Quality 

Paper plays a key part in the print process. Genuine printer paper sold by the manufacturer will tend to print better than generic printer paper. In saying that, it is also key to match the printer settings to what you’re printing. Troubleshoot your printer by checking the setting and choosing the appropriate print quality settings for your printed material.

My Printer Won’t Scan Anymore

Scanner software can corrupt easily. As a quick fix, it is good to reinstall the printing software package. This will allow any updates to be applied to your computer. If the issue persists, there may be a hardware issue that needs to be repaired or replaced.

Paper Jams

Paper jams are generally caused by foreign materials in the interior of the machine, but here are a few tricks you should follow to avoid paper jams. Try fanning the stack of paper to reduce any static and dust when loading the tray. Don’t load the paper to the brim of the tray, just because you can fit two reams of paper in the tray, doesn’t mean you have too. Paper can be heavy, and if you’re not printing those numbers frequently, you don’t need the additional weight in the tray. 

Prints Too Slowly

Tailor your settings to each job. There is no point printing high image quality on a text-only page. Using a high-quality setting when not needed can increase the print time. Put simply, the lesser the standard for print quality, the faster it will print. Another way to quickly troubleshoot your printer is by running a clean cycle on the printer.

If you are still experiencing errors/problems, it may be time for a service. Book online and save $77!

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